About the New CEO!

Welcome to my blog on becoming a CEO.    This is not your ordinary how-to.  I am not going to be telling you how to become a CEO in five quick and easy steps, nor will I be telling you to work hard and dedicate years of service to the corporation of your choosing.  Instead, I will be talking to the people who, like me, have made the easiest decision in their life to do the hardest, scariest thing ever – become a CEO.

My father started our business in 1993.  I was always involved in some way.  When I was young, I’d beg Dad to let me wash dishes, and he’s throw me a $20.  At 15, I was put on payroll and started as a dishwasher.  Then I was cooking, becoming a Buffet Attendant, and then a Server.  When I came back during vacations from college, I started to be management and work in the office – or where ever else I was needed.  After college, I would work when they absolutely needed me.

I went to school to become an engineer, and settled in with a large company after college.  But the work I found wasn’t challenging and I was bored out of my mind.  My father tried to fit me in the family business somewhere, but I wasn’t well qualified for anything.

Then, in October of 2009, my dad fell ill.  By the time a diagnosis was reached, Dad was in and out of conscienceness, and was given only a few weeks.  He passed away 5 days later.

This left us no time to talk about the business, but I knew that I had to take Dad’s place – as tragic as it was, it was an opprotunity for me to do something different, and I wanted more then anything to keep this part of Dad alive.

So there I was 25, with an engineering background….and CEO of a multi-million dollar company with a handfull of full time people, and about 60 part time employees.

Right now, it’s been about 10 months.  By no means am I an expert at being a CEO, but it was brought to my attention the other day that this happens more then you would think.  So I want to accomplish a few things:

I want to help New CEOs who were thrust unexpectedly into the position like I was.

I want to help potential New CEOs do their homework while they have time.

I want to help departing CEOs get their company ready for the New CEO.

Please take everything I say with a grain of salt, and always seek appropriate legal counsel if needed.


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