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Recommended Reading #3: Good to Great

In this blog, I consider a staple business read like Good to Great to be advance reading.  But this book was so inspirational to me.  I happened to read it at the time when I was struggling with an employee, one who had been with the business for years, and some of this book really spoke to me about what I was going through.  \

Have your direct reports read it to.  There’s an important sections for them:


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Recommended Reading #2

Something for Dummies

Seriously.  For me it was Quickbooks for Dummies.  Then I read The Idiot’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization.  Then Small Business Financial Management Kit for Dummies.

You get the picture.  Those books are a great place to start.

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Recommended Reading #1

Buy Low, Sell High, Collect Early, and Pay Late:  The Manager’s Guide to Financial Survival

This was the first real book I read as CEO.  This book was purchased for me by a fellow Vistage member.  It serves as an excellent introduction to corporate finances, which, unless you are coming from a finance or business background, any New CEO needs to learn about.  The book is an excellent introduction to financial terminology and concepts, even though it is pretty basic.

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