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Tip for the Departing CEO #2

Write Your Job Description

Some people have told me that writing your own job description is more difficult then writing someone else’s.  In my experience, it’s not.  There has to be some record of what you do in general.  As someone who has been CEO for a while, you should have no problem writing a job description, but also think about how much of your time is devoted to the specific responsibilities you have.  As a small business owner, do you spend 10 hours a week meeting with your direct reports?  How much of a percentage of your time is that?  What about your time spent on Marketing?  Reading financial reports?

Maybe spend a week writing down everything that you do.  That’s an interesting process in itself.



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Tip for the Departing CEO #1

Tip number one for the Departing CEO is:

Have a Support Group.

For example, my father was a member of Vistage.  When he passed away, the Vistage group was THE number one most important resource I had.   Vistage is CEO Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and CEO Mentoring.  Dad had been in the group for years, so everyone in the group was familiar with the past few years of the company’s growth and changes.  We meet monthly, in group and usually have a presentation by a group member, a speaker, and then everyone checks in.  It is a fantastic time to hear what other CEOs are doing and toss out new ideas.  In addition, we have a group leader, who meets with us individually (called 1-2-1s).

When my father passed away, they developed a Tiger Team.  A Tiger Team is usually a day long, intense look at your company.  It is made up of volunteers in your Vistage Group.  My Tiger Team, however, was a little bit different.  They meet once a month with me, for a year, to help guide me.  I practice giving presentations to them, effective hand outs, I bounce ideas off of them.  It has been a priceless experience for me.

Vistage isn’t the only group, and I don’t know anything about other groups, but the stronger support network you have, the easier it will be for your successor.

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